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Catfish Course Day #7, 3 Final Powerful Catfish Catching Techniques

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Hi Fisherman,

64 days ago, you signed up for my catfish fishing information - and now we come to the last issue of the catfish mini course where I'll tell you about 3 more very powerful techniques for catching lots of catfish... I'll still send you some information from time to time, but this is the final day of the mini course.

Why "goldfish" work so damn well for catching catfish...

If you've never heard about using goldfish to catch catfish, don't worry about it...
most catfish fishermen probably haven't heard that it really works.

The reasons?


Well for starters goldfish live longer than almost any other type of live bait - they are just "tougher" and will be lively, longer. (I still remember my first pet when I was a kid, a goldfish I called "Frusty" who lived for almost 2 years! He was one tough hombre...) This allows you to spend more time fishing, and less time "re-baiting". It's no secret, the longer your line is in the water, the more catfish you will catch.

As for why the catfish "may" bite goldfish more than other live bait (and sometimes even more than most dough bait) - not only are they a lot more visible (due to their color, and especially in stained water) - but they are also "just different enough" from most bait to attract a lot of attention from catfish.

The second technique I'm going to tell you about is called "Jugging". It's also something that most catfish fishermen have never heard about. I love it because it works.

Get a few empty bleach bottle jugs (the "quart" ones), and tie some monofilament line on the necks of the bottles. Use live shad, goldfish, or your favorie dough bait on the lines.

Next, just allow the jugs to float across areas where you know there are catfish (or suspect catfish).

When the catfish bite, the jugs tip up, and you bring in the catfish.

Now, you need to check with the laws in your state to see if fishing this was is legal - if it is, take my advice and try it. This is a fantastic way to catch a ton of catfish fast (as long as you find out where they are hiding).

The third and final technique I am going to go over in this catfish fishing mini course is chumming - and most of you have probbly heard about this before - but have you heard about using cornmeal, and starting the process a day or two before fishing that spot?

Sprinkle cornmeal around the boat (or through your spot) every few minutes to get some bait fish in there feeding. As you know, where there are feeding bait fish, the catfish aren't far behind - and if you start this process the day before you go fishing, it is possible that large groups of catfish will "migrate" to the new feeding ground you've created.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about (and hopefully using) some of the powerful catfish fishing techniques I have told you about during the mini course. I really have enjoyed providing all of this information to you. You see, I believe that fishing is a "brotherhood". It's not about "holding back" information from other fishermen to get "one up" on them. It's about joining together and helping the new guys learn, so that everybody gets better.

We were all "new guys" once.

And there is one technique that I've talked about in the past that will take any fishermen's success rate through the roof. I've never seen anything work so well, it's absolutly "jaw dropping" when you see it in acion...

It's the ability to create mother natures "chain reaction" of feeding in any spot, almost any time you want. Using the Catfish Secret Fishing Weapon will bring so many fish to your spot in less than 30 minutes, the water will be thick with feeding swarms of baitfish, catfish, and whatever else lives in your area.

Honestly, you can't help but pull in catfish one after another because of the sheer numbers swarming your location.

Don't let this chance pass you by, to get it at the special deal nobody else will ever get. You don't have much time...

Here's what Rob Schry had to say about using it for the first time:



I used the Catfish Fishing Secret Weapon for the first time, and could not believe the amount of bait fish in such a short period of time. Buying bait will never happen again, and I want to thank you. I am very pleased with this product, and the results have without a doubt put me on another level of fishing."

Rob Schry

Demossville, Kentucky"


In 4 days, I'm going to send you some special interview clips with fishermen from around the country. You'll hear some great stories, and you'll also hear why we all agree that fishing goes beyond just catching fish...

Get ready for some "fishing stories of a lifetime".

Until then...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Catfish Fishing Secret

Catfish Fishing Secret
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006

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